Bookkeeping Solutions has a great culture where everyone pulls together, as a team, to get things done. We care deeply about each other, and we’re almost like family. Additionally, we offer genuine flexibility, as we understand that everyone must balance work with outside life, such as family, appointments, etc. Moreover, we provide opportunities for growth and development. Lastly, we have created a place for those who wish to work and contribute, even after retirement.


  • All major holidays (both full-time and part-time positions)
  • Paid-time off (both full-time and part-time positions)
  • Annual year-end bonus
  • Regular pay increases
  • Little to no overtime
  • No travel
  • Potential for employer-paid training

Please feel free to read reviews written by some of several of our employees:

Employee Testimonials

Bookkeeper (Current Employee) – San Antonio, TX – April 28, 2021
Relaxed and respectful atmosphere

I truly enjoy working at Bookkeeping Solutions. Everyone here is helpful, kind, respectful, hard-working and compassionate. It’s a new experience for me and I love that I am constantly learning new things. The Owner and Office Manager are very understanding when personal situations arise.I love coming to work every day!!

Bookkeeper (Current Employee) – San Antonio, TX – April 27, 2021
A very relaxed family oriented atmosphere

This job is everything I love about bookkeeping. Some accounts are more difficult than others but there is such a variety of businesses involved my job never gets boring or repetitious. There is flexibility when issues arise that are out of my control and I have to be off work.There is a warm and caring atmosphere between employees and management; we stay busy but we also have time to laugh together.

If you are looking for a place to enhance your bookkeeping skills and willing to put effort out, this is a great place to work. After many years of employment, Bookkeeping Solutions is my favorite.

Bookkeeper (Current Employee) – San Antonio, TX – April 19, 2021
Relaxed, caring atmosphere

I am impressed with the caring atmosphere promoted by the owner and manager. In a lot of ways it’s like family. Workloads are spread out and there is not a lot of the micromanaging that occurred in other places I have worked. You are treated as a grownup, responsible person who gets the work done. If you demonstrate that you want to learn new things the opportunity is given to you.
Bookkeeper (Current Employee) – San Antonio, TX – April 13, 2021
Small company with relaxed atmosphere

I enjoy working for the current owner and manager. I feel appreciated as a person, and the human element is very much present, unlike with some of the bigger outfits I have worked for. It feels almost like a family.We see some of the clients we work for, which gives us a sense of ownership in our work.
The opportunities to learn are plentiful.

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