Client Testimonials

July 21, 2023 Jorge González Henonin

2023-09-14 | 22:36:13

August 2, 2022 Eric Griggs

2022-10-24 | 16:03:37

"I would HIGHLY recommend Adam Dickreiter for all of your tax services (tax preparation, planning, and consulting) and accounting services (accounting, bookkeeping, payroll) I have worked with Adam since 2019 and currently have 3 companies I utilize Adam's services for. I STRONGLY recommend him for the following reasons: 1) He responds to email and phone calls in a very timely manner. Usually 24 - 48 hrs. Very important attribute for any professional (lawyer, doctor, accountant) 2) He always provides you with a time he feels he will be able to complete a project so that you can plan your project timeline. I.E: I'm currently in the process of interviewing different banks for a loan and needed my financial statements prepared. He let me know when I could expect them so that I was able to schedule my meetings with the banks accordingly and have the statements available for when the banks asked. 3) He will NOT "nickel and dime you". His fees are very reasonable and he is very transparent about how much time it will take him to complete a project and will be able to provide you an estimate accordingly. 4) He delivers high quality and accurate work. Again, a very important attribute for any profession. I could continue this list but those would be my top 4 reasons I continue to utilize Adam's services (fast response time, reasonable fees w/ no nickel & diming, accurate time provided for project completion, and very high quality and accurate work)."
April 19, 2022 Hughleen Malone

2022-06-01 | 19:06:55

"We are very happy with Adam's hard work for us. His company has had a rough two years with the pandemic....and he has worked very efficiently to keep everything up to date. I would recommend him to all friends."
March 1, 2022 Anna Gaytan

2022-04-04 | 15:16:41

January 25, 2022 Tina Farias

2022-04-04 | 15:16:38

"From day one Bookkeeping Solutions has be so Awesome and the Staff is so welcoming. They are very understanding and willing to work with you in all your Bookkeeping needs they are flexible with your schedule. Adam and staff are on top of all your needs. Great Job and Thank you! T&A Transportation"