Consulting and Management Advisory Services

There’s more to running a business than keeping your books balanced and your taxes done on time. At Bookkeeping Solutions, our ultimate goal is to be your trusted business advisor. Offering an array of management advisory services, we’re here to listen, answer questions, address concerns and educate. We strive to nurture an honest, professional relationship and to provide custom
solutions that propel your business forward.

Advisory Services

We Lend Expertise to Growing Businesses

Over the years, Bookkeeping Solutions transformed from a simple bookkeeping business into a trusted source for business advice and management consulting. When we apply our experience, financial acumen and familiarity with tax law to our clients’ finances, business owners find themselves in a position to develop stable financial futures for their enterprises.

During 2020, we helped many of our small- and medium-sized business clients apply with their bank to qualify for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans. We also offered guidance on the proper use of these funds to maximize loan forgiveness. Then, we turned our efforts toward helping clients with their loan forgiveness applications. In addition to PPP loans, we also helped our clients find other sources of financial assistance, to help sustain their business during this challenging period.

Consulting and Management Advisory Services

We believe in helping businesses make smart decisions and reap the benefits of knowledgeable, decisive leadership. To that end, we’re able to meet with clients to provide turnkey management consulting that’s specific to your business. Our consulting and management advisory services include:

  • General business advice and counseling
  • Banking assistance
  • Financing assistance
  • Financial analysis*
  • Professional referrals**
  • Entity selection and restructuring
  • Acquisitions
  • Purchase versus lease analysis
  • Internal control recommendations

* We help you interpret the financial statements, in order to assist you in making crucial decisions for your business.
**We do not earn or accept commissions from any referrals. We only refer clients to other professionals that we know and trust.

Get Advice From a Trusted Partner

Above all, Bookkeeping Solutions cares about the success of our clients. Beyond your books, if you need advice or assistance on how to take the next step forward and build a sustainable enterprise, contact us today at 210-344-7520 to schedule an appointment.